sticky artists (in release radar)

UPDATE: This is all about voting in dynamic playlists. If you don't vote, AI isn't feeded, so it switches to a quantitative strategy and promotes artists with the highest song output.

A list of artists literally sticking inside my release radar since I stumbled upon them. This list is made to figure out why it is this way.
My idea now is that the algorithm for it depends on voting and is running nuts when you don't vote to give him an idea what you like.
I'm trying to figure out how focused on that single playlist the algorithm really is, and what role favorite songs are in all that KI game there.

I've written about that (in German language) here:

Artists I searched for

artists I searched for and completely lost interest since then.

by name

by music style

Artists I know from years ago

these artists had been my favorites years ago

by name and former fav. music style

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